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City of Stamford

888 Washington Boulevard, Stamford, CT, 06901, US

City of Stamford / Stamford Public Schools Email Account Name Change Form

Please use this form if you need to change your email account name; i.e. you got married, divorced, etc. (This is not the form to use to request a new account in the event that a new employee is taking over for another. Please use the new account form for that type of request.)

Even if you told Human Resources about your name change, you still need to notify the Technology Department so that we can adjust your accounts.

Finally, we will get in touch with you before we process this request. We will want to verify this information and let you know when to begin using your new login name and email address.

Current Name (what we have in our system now)

Do you work for Stamford Public Schools or the City of Stamford?

Change Name To:

We will contact you at your current email address with your new login name and email address. Thank you.